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Welcome to VEYM

The Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement (VEYM) is a non-profit faith based organization with aims to train youth to become well-rounded individuals within society and ideal Christians. The+ VEYM is a branch of the Apostleship of Prayer, now known as the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, an official pontifical service under the Holy See. At present, there are over 130 VEYM Chapters at parishes across the US with approximately 2500 youth leaders and over 25,000 youth members.

Spiritual Bouquet Campaign 2022 Rosary Month invitation to all VEYM members to become Holy tabernacles for Jesus in the Eucharist!

In this month of October, the Church encourages us all to make a devotion to Mother Mary and pray the Rosary. Mary was chosen as a physical tabernacle for Jesus, and God calls each and every one of us to be holy tabernacles for Jesus in the Eucharist today. We can do so by living holy lives in the way we act, serve, and pray. VEYM invites all to unite together in devotion to Mary and ask for her help to keep us on the path of holiness so that we can be a worthy tabernacle for Jesus in the Eucharist.
Three ways to participate in the Spiritual Bouquet Campaign: 
  1. Virtual Rosary- Join VEYM every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a prayer time together led by each League of Chapters (Liên Đoàn); see the calendar for the schedule. Link to join the prayer -
  2. Calendar of Daily Spiritual Bouquet Activities - Participate in the October Spiritual Bouquet Campaign activities on our calendar! The calendar suggests activities you can do throughout October as a spiritual bouquet offering to Mary and Jesus. (A digital calendar will be posted here by Oct. 1 that will include links to songs, coloring pages, prayers, and other examples to help you more fully participate in this Spiritual Bouquet Campaign.)


    Draw a flower in the box for each day you complete. Then snap a photo of your completed calendar and submit it to us to be entered into a drawing for fun prizes! Visit for more resources/ideas for the daily activities on this calendar. Click on the QR code to upload your completed calendar or email it to by November 1Even if you weren't able to complete every activity on the calendar, it's ok, send your calendar in anyways! All efforts big or small to make a spiritual offering is seen and loved by God. Drawing winners announced on November 3. Be sure to ta us (@veym.usa.tntt) and #bhtveym if you post about your Spiritual Bouquet Campaign activities on social media.

Bo Hoa Thieng Calendar Oct 2022 FINAL_09.22.2022


3. Holy-Ween Saint Costume Contest -- Have some fun with the Saints!

In conjunction with the Spiritual Bouquet Campaign, we invite you to participate in the Holy-Ween Saint Costume Contest.

1) Dress up as any Saint with a strong devotion to the Eucharist and Mother Mary (you can research your own or use the Saint of the Day on this calendar for some ideas!)

2) By the end of the day Oct. 30, submit a photo of yourself in your costume. Submit via the QR code. Multiple submissions of different saints are welcomed.

3) Include your full name, Ngành, Đoàn, Liên Đoàn, and the name of the saint in costume with a short description as to how this Saint has lived a devoted life to the Eucharist or Mother Mary.

Your submitted photos will be posted on the official VEYM Facebook Page & Instagram for voting. Only votes on our official pages will be accepted. People Choice Awards (combined votes on VEYM FB & IG), Most Inspiring Award (Committee selected), and many other prizes are waiting for you! Winners will be announced on Nov. 3, during the Campaign closing celebration.

2022 Back to Sinh Hoat Package


Thanks be to God! Our VEYM is resuming in-person ministry in full swing, and with the Eucharistic Revival in mind. In an effort to accompany Chapters across the country, along with the National Academic Committee, the newly installed National Executive Committee invites all Chapters to attend the upcoming townhalls and actively participate in upcoming key initiatives, as well as capitalizing on the resources provided:


A. Resources and Services

*Weekly Gospel Booklets

For chapters requesting our free Weekly Gospel Booklets for our youth members, please go to the link below and place your order. Once ordered, the Headquarters Office will ship out accordingly. While the booklets are available free of charge, donations for the booklets and shipping are welcomed.

*Training Camp Scholarships

To support our young Youth Leaders and aspiring Youth Leaders, all eligible members are invited to take advantage of the 20 training camp scholarships available. Please see the scholarship announcement.

*VEYM Wellness Support

VEYM Wellness is a confidential short-term support service designed to assist VEYM adult members gain better insight into their lives, whether it be from a spiritual, psychological, medical, or emotional perspective. The support process involves a therapeutic relationship between you and a priest, a religious brother or sister, or pro-bono licensed mental health provider who will journey with you through. The support service involves speaking with a VEYM Wellness member via telephone and may cover a variety of supportive topics per your request. To request a consultation, please contact


B. Town Hall

C. Back to “Sinh Hoạt” Song Competition

As we begin the new academic year in the spirit of the Eucharistic Revival, the National Executive Committee invites your participation in the following competitions with cash prizes.

1. Song Contest

  1. Compose a song with the Eucharistic Revival’s theme - “My flesh for the life of the world ~ Jn 6:51.”
  2. Record a music video of the composed song.
  3. All members participating must be VEYM members in uniform.
  4. Deadline to submit the song is October 30th, 2022, to
  5. First prize $300; Second prize $200; Third prize $100.

In addition to the above-mentioned program, the National Executive Committee will also prepare a welcome package including information sheets to introduce to parents and members about the VEYM and the Eucharistic Revival Initiative, as well as other supporting resources for chapters. It is our hope that the resources provided will aid our Youth Leaders as they accompanying youth members towards Christ.



N22-007 Back to In-Person Ministry - Sinh Hoạt

N22-013 Membership Dues 2022-2023


HLVTC and Tiberia Training Camp

Application Sinai 30 TC009 2023
Application Tiberia XVII 2023
N22-011 Thong Bao Sa Mac Tiberia 17 and Sinai 30 - 2023
Participant Agreement Form 2023


Eucharistic Revival Plan

N22-014 VEYM and the National Eucharistic Revival

VEYM Eucharistic Revival 2022-2024 Plan

Eucharistic Revival Resources

Eucharistic Revival VEYM Overview
VEYM Eucharistic Revival Brochure FINAL 09.13.2022


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